Healthy Brunch

The Perfect Healthy Brunch. Menu and Recipes

Healthy Brunch is easily my favorite meal And not just mine: I and two very dear friends and neighbors often get together at brunch time, and I am forever expanding the brunch menu selection. I always dream of food as Breakfast A Toute…
vegan smoothies

365 Vegan Smoothies Book Review

 365 Vegan Smoothies: Kudos to Kathy Patalsky for her beautiful new book! I suspect the 365 allusion is fully intentional, and expresses you would do well with a smoothie a day, a different smoothie every day of the year. How exciting is…
shabbos lunch

A Summer Shabbos Lunch. Menu and Recipes

Shabbos Lunch can be same old same old... Or it can be, as it is here, an exciting cold vegetarian and fish meal. As often when we host lots of singles for Shabbos, this week I went Shabbos shopping with a totally open mind. Since I was right…