rosh hashana

Rosh Hashanah 2016 at Our Home. Menus and Recipes

This Rosh Hashana we hosted three meals One of those three day holidays, with lots of meals and heavy guest traffic. We hosted Wednesday Night Dinner; Thursday Lunch; Friday Night Dinner. I am including here not only all the Rosh Hashana dishes…
apple recipes

Say it with Apple Recipes for a Great New Year

Apple Recipes: What better way to express it? Wishing You All a  Wonderful Happy Healthy Delicious Fun Prosperous Productive Peaceful New Year! The following Apple Recipes are my Rosh Hashanah gift to everyone, beside of course my Complete…
horned melon

Strange Fruit, Indeed: Horned Melon

Strange Fruit! It is not just a poignantly beautiful song by the one and only Billie Holiday. Strange fruit is also what you might come across before Rosh Hashanah or Tu Bishvat on the produce stalls. I could cook up a storm on Tishrei…