birthday brunch and recipes
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Birthday Brunch Menu and Recipes

Intimate Brunch party chez moi! Special birthday brunch for a very special friend for a super special significant (round) number. I wanted the brunch to be, not just about birthday presents, but a celebration of all the foods and the dishes…
Reinventing Meals

Reinventing Meals. Two Leftover Parties

Reinventing meals: Nobody has immortalized the wonderful mystique of leftovers more brilliantly and with more wit than Calvin Trillin: “The most remarkable thing about my mother is that for thirty years she served the family nothing but…
thanksgiving feast

Thanksgiving Feast: Perfect Simple Recipes

Thanksgiving Feast everyone can enjoy without stress! Thanksgiving is a wonderful day, but it is also cause for much commotion. It need not be! You know me: nothing is ever an excuse to lose my head and throw balance and nutrition to the winds…