Healthy Brunch

The Perfect Healthy Brunch. Menu and Recipes

Healthy Brunch is easily my favorite meal And not just mine: I and two very dear friends and neighbors often get together at brunch time, and I am forever expanding the brunch menu selection. I always dream of food as Breakfast A Toute…
cooking class

Cooking Class In El Paso. Menu and Recipes

My Cooking Class is El Paso Texas I've been told I put on a good cooking show, but that would never be possible without all my wonderful assistants. Thank you! Our Cooking Class was so much fun! Meeting and serving all the lovely guests! After…
thanksgiving feast

Thanksgiving Feast: Perfect Simple Recipes

Thanksgiving Feast everyone can enjoy without stress! Thanksgiving is a wonderful day, but it is also cause for much commotion. It need not be! You know me: nothing is ever an excuse to lose my head and throw balance and nutrition to the winds…