vegan a la mode

Vegan A La Mode: Hannah Kaminsky. My Book Review

Vegan A La Mode:   Hannah Kaminsky has done it again! Hannah Kaminsky is a baker after my own heart,  Mind you, I care nothing about her fabulous treats being vegan, since I am not afflicted with any of those restrictions, dietary, ideological…
meatless dinners

Wonderful Meatless Dinners. Four Complete Menus and Recipes

Meatless dinners are not just for Mondays! And not just for the "Nine Days' for that matter! They are our chance to showcase all those dishes we all too often think of as supporting actors, a sort of prop to meat-and-potato meals, and which…
kosherfest 2011

Kosherfest 2011! My Review

Kosherfest 2011: What fun! Would it make me sound like a dinosaur if I said I remember early Kosherfest shows taking place, ages ago, with flocks of young mothers pushing strollers and turning the show into a giant lunch break in an industrial…