rosh hashana

This Rosh Hashana we hosted three meals

One of those three day holidays, with lots of meals and heavy guest traffic. We hosted Wednesday Night Dinner; Thursday Lunch; Friday Night Dinner. I am including here not only all the Rosh Hashana dishes we served at each meal, but – good utilitarian that I am – what I did with the leftovers before they become leftovers. I think you will find this guide most welcome, as cooking may be a big project, but it’s also a wonderful investment. So, here’s the blow by blow for all our Rosh Hashana Dishes at our home. You will pleased to see that, when planning Rosh Hashana Dishes, just as when planning any menu for any occasion, my guidelines always remain the same: Natural, lower carbs, heavy on the veggies.

Take a look at my GIGANTIC Rosh Hashana Menu and Recipes

You will be amazed how many fabulous dishes I have included in this file, from soup to nuts, across the whole Sephardi-Ashkenazi Spectrum!

I’m starting with the mezze salads I served at all three meals: All winners. All sold.
Mostly different guests at every meal, so it’s perfectly OK
Moroccan Olive Salad
Homemade pickles
Roasted Beets
(no recipe. Just roasted, diced, and mixed with a good olive oil, a little salt and a little cinnamon)
Heirloom Tomatoes with Olive Oil, Sea Salt and Basil (no recipe, all ingredients listed in title)
Mixed Greens with Cranberry Vinaigrette

Wednesday Night Rosh Hashana Dinner:

Fish Miso Coconut Soup
(I sliced all vegetables earlier in the day, and made it right on the spot,  at dinner time, a double batch, not using any vegetable or leaf that might discolor, like spinach, Swiss chard or snow peas. I served half and froze half, the very same night)
All Mezze listed above
Lamb Tajine with Dried Fruit
I had about 4 ample servings leftover, and froze them)
Barbecue Chicken
(Served it at two meals. 2 whole chickens remained. I froze each separately)
Wild Rice
(just soaked, drained, boiled with a little salt and olive oil. Served it at two meals, and froze the rest in ziplock bags.)
Chopped Liver
Blueberry Cranberry Crumb Pie
Sea Salt Caramel Truffles

Thursday Rosh Hashana Lunch:

Salmon in Miso Sake Sauce
(I made it right on the spot, when all the guests arrived. That little piece of show biz knocked their socks off)
All Mezze listed above
Moroccan Beef Tongue Tajine in Sweet and Sour Sauce
(are you saying “Gross”? Big mistake. I sold it out. Served half, froze half, had one portion left. More about this)
Wild Rice. See above
Barbecued Chicken. See above
Chopped Liver. See above
Frozen Chocolate  Coconut  Cake
Honey Cake

Thursday Night:

Lunch ended at 6 pm. So, sorry, no dinner whatsoever.  Just the two of us. New fruit (Insipid Cherremoya, $7.99 a piece. Sheesh), washed, made motzi, had a cup of tea. Called it a day.

Friday Lunch:

Just the two of us. Leftover tongue (one portion for DH), last of the chopped liver (for me), mixed Mezze (see above). Big dinner in sight, so we behaved.

Friday Night Dinner:

  Kabocha Soup
(Just one quart left. Tomorrow’s dinner for two)
All mezze and salads listed above
Tajine of Beef, Wild Mushrooms, Artichokes and Baby Potatoes
Chocolate Truffles (see above) Honey Cake (see above), Coconut Cookies and Berry Fruit Salad

Saturday Lunch:
Invited out at my children’s. What a treat!

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