Quick Shabbos Cooking!

I’m all ears! Making Healthy Shabbos food in a Jiffy: That’s what I love.

This whole past week was taken up at my apartment with emergency repairs, and the first time I had full access to my kitchen was Thursday night. Since we are going away to Israel this coming Thursday, for almost two weeks, we wanted to spend this Shabbos with my children in  Chabad Washington Heights, and see how our new baby twins, their big (3 1/2 year old twin) brother and sister, and their (frazzled) Imma and Abba are doing. I thought a very good form of help would consist in bringing all Shabbos food for both meals: Duh! But how to juggle that in style in little more than half a day on Friday, with Shabbos coming in at 4.11? Sheesh! And of course you know me: No junk no bottled marinades or anything like that! But I did bring in everything, still warm, ample servings for both meals and then some. I should first tell you I didn’t worry about serving pretty much the same thing for both meals. It was all delicious and sizzling fresh and couldn’t possibly fall in the dubious category of leftovers.

This is when you’ll find my new cookbook, as well as my blog,  beyond useful, as quite a few recipes come together in no time flat.  Not for nothing did I write the Instant Dorm Feast! I was done in about three hours, a little under 4 hours if we include cleaning up and packing. We served 6 for dinner and 6 for lunch. Froze the unserved half of the cake, and refrigerated the leftovers for today (Sunday)’s lunch. My kids will make sandwiches with the meatloaf, salmon was gone, the twins never tire of chicken and potatoes, sweet potatoes is one of their favorite snacks, soup will keep well for several days, brownies get everyone in trouble as usual so they disappear fast.

So here comes my Healthy Shabbos Menu!

Pumpkin Bean Soup (Scroll down the link, you’ll see!)

Maple-Roasted Salmon

Chicken with Mushrooms and Potatoes
(from my 1, 2 and Turmeric Chapter in my latest cookbook. Not even a recipe. A few chicken thighs, button mushrooms, small potatoes, a little turmeric, barely covered with water. Bring to a boil in a wide bottom pot, then reduce and cook covered 1 hour. if too much liquid remains in the pot, reduce on a high flame until thickened. I swear that’s the whole thing)

Meatloaf (I had ground lamb so it was an extra treat)

Baked sweet potatoes (absolutely nothing added. Unpeeled. Just baked in a 425 degree oven until nice and soft)

Saute Cabbage and Carrots (Food processor to the rescue: cabbage sliced very thin, carrots shredded, garlic ground. Saute on high in a little olive oil, salt and pepper, stirring with two wooden spoons, until very reduced.)

Mixed greens

Apple Cake (I baked only with spelt flour. From my muffin recipe: Mixed by hand 1, 2,3)

Pecan Brownies

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