Our Latest Feast at Nobo Teaneck - restaurant review

Our Latest Feast at Nobo Teaneck (pictures of the dishes), http://on.fb.me/1t3qXOS

Although I admit everything tastes better in the company of dear friends, especially on a glorious day where you can dine alfresco, I must tell you dining at Nobo is always a wonderful experience. What I love to do, since my escorts always trust me (see the perks of being a la-di-da professional cook?), is to take all different first courses, all different main courses, all different main courses, and have everyone share. In order to simplify the logistics of sharing, we take vegetable and fish dishes for first course, and poultry and meat dishes for main course (or vice-versa). The reward this my system delivers is that for our group of four, we all sampled about a dozen dishes. $85.00 per guest included: first course, complete main course, wine (2 bottles for the four of us), dessert and tip. Fabulous deal, which leaves many other deals in the dust. Super value. And that is only if you decide, as we did, to go all out.

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