Pate de Campagne

I was asked by several of my guests to share my recipes for the Sheva Brachot we hosted this week for my niece Mushkie and her husband Zalman, and I am delighted to oblige. So, here comes, complete with recipes. I used some wonderful treats Grow and Behold sent me, and the beef cheeks and boneless skin-on chicken bottoms (leg and thigh) from Gourmet Butchers: No site just yet, but they are located at 351 Troy Avenue, Corner Carroll Street, and their phone number is 718 661 3613. I served the dinner buffet style, avoiding fish so as not to have to reset, and served the soup totally blended in hot cups sans spoons. For the fondue: after a total fiasco I had with a ridiculously high-maintenance chocolate fountain on a recent previous party, I poked around online, and bought myself something I was delighted with: A little Cuisinart chafer resting on two votive candles that kept my melted chocolate mixture (4 cups good quality semisweet chocolate chips + 1 cup rice milk) at an ideal dipping temperature.

You will be pleased to see that several of the recipes will work perfectly for Passover, and that many of them are Gluten-Free.

Creamed Bean Soup
(Enjoy my story while you scroll down to the soup)
Beef Cheek Date Tajine
Dry Spice Rub Roast Chicken
Pate de Campagne with Hot Pepper Jelly
Pasta with Wild Mushrooms
Curried Rice (in my book, page 248)
Stuffed Artichoke Bottoms
White Vegetable Puree (in my book, page 234)
Matbookha (in my book, page 210)
Arugala, Avocado and Fennel Salad with Raspberry Dressing
Tomato Basil Olive Salad
Apple, Jicama and Corn Salsa
Japanese Pickles

Blueberry Cake, in my book, page 368
Chocolate Salami
Date Nut Roll
Chocolate Peanut Blondies
Chocolate Fruit Fondue


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