My Latest Shabbos Menu: Cool and Playful Summer Recipes

My Latest Shabbat Menu: Cool and Playful Summer Recipes: On impossibly hot days, rather than make up a menu and try to stick to it, I decide to look around me, and let the produce displays surprise me and inform my menu. Since going this route guarantees nothing but the best and freshest, it is a totally calculated risk.

I knew I wanted to use a very good bulghur I had just bought, and some great looking beef cheeks I had just received. I also wanted to make the best possible use of some tilapia fillets, tuna steaks and mock crab I had in my freezer.

At Fairway Market I saw gigantic and sizzling fresh bunches of mustard greens and Swiss Chard. That decided my dinner menu: I would make a tajine of Swiss Chard and Mustard Greens. I was sending dinner for two to two friends who just had a baby: What better gift, I thought, than a treat strictly to Mom and Dad?

Friday Night: So my two couples’ dinner was the same as ours: Although I didn’t just have a baby, I still thank Gd every day for the three wonderful children He Gave me, and celebrate with a nice dinner, entre nous, just my husband and I, every chance I get (we only had the tajine, saving the rest for Shabbos lunch and later in the week): Cold Wild Mushroom Soup, with a little of my magical Porcini Oil drizzled on; Cornmeal-Crusted Tilapia with Green Goddess Sauce;  Chicken, Lamb, Swiss Chard and Mustard Greens Tajine; Tabouleh (I saved some of the mustard greens I had and ground them with the parsley and mint, and loved the added kick and bright color); Tiramisu; Biscotti (ginger, and anise-sesame).

Saturday Lunch: Big First Course, Small Main Course, that’s my motto: Tilapia fillets (same as above); Spicy Tuna Mock Crab Salad; Antipasto (Roasted Beets, Artichoke Hearts, Assorted Cerignola Olives, Roasted Red Peppers,  Galil Vegetarian Stuffed Leaves, Giant Caper Berries, assorted Mini Campari Tomatoes); Whole grain Breads (all from Fairway) served with Basil Olive Oil; Baby Arugala, Fennel, Fresh Corn and Avocado Salad; Tabouleh (same as above)  Mushrooms and potato cholent (using beef cheeks, tiny potatoes, lots of cremini mushrooms, saffron, turmeric. No liquid whatsoever). I had a captive audience, and passed some samples of Dried Salami (Saucisson Sec) Gourmet Butcher  had given me for review (delish!). Dessert: Lemon Curd Blueberry Tart , Biscotti, Chocolate Salami.

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    In the Mushroom & Potato Chulent. Do you really put no liquid? Do the mushrooms create enough? Link does not show a recipe. Thanks


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