I have given thousands of cooking demonstrations, in countless venues, on every imaginable theme, all over the country and often beyond, always meeting wonderful people

Below you’ll find a sample of the Kosher Cooking Demonstration Menus I have prepared at some of my live cooking demonstrations.

Move your mouse over each Cooking Demonstration Title to see the menu.

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Rosh Hashanah Feast


Moroccan Street Foods


Cooking with Leaves


The Zakuska Table.


Moroccan Vegetarian Foods

Cooking Demo

Nine-Day Feast


Cold Summer Feast


The Good Junk. From Scratch Wins the Race!


French Feast


Father’s Day Brunch


Cooking for Crowds


Shavuot Feast


Seder Feast


Biblical Feast


The Whole grain Pasta Party


The Heatlhy Purim Basket


The Natural Feast


Wholesome Salad Dinners


Indian Feast


Secrets of Whole Grain Quickbreads and Muffins


One-Pot Comfort Foods Meals


Glorious Tajines. Gluten-Free


Thanksgiving Feast


Secrets of Gluten-Free Baking


Secrets of Whole Grain Bread Baking. Served with Salad and Soup


Italian Feast


Rosh Hashanah Feast


Sephardi Hors D’Oeuvres


Asian Feast. Gluten-Free


Pareve Shabbos Lunch: Gluten-Free


The Lean Italian Feast


French Feast


The Meatless Feast. Gluten-Free!


Moroccan Salads


Moroccan Breakfast and Lunch


The Good American Junk


Healing Through Food. Gluten-Free


Favorite Shavuot Dishes


Chocolate a Toute Heure!


Yom Haatzmaut Israeli Feast


Seder Feast!


Moroccan Street Foods


Vegetarian Indian


Purim: Edible Gifts


The Lean Latin Feast


The student’s – and EVERYONE’S – survival guide!


Low Budget Entertaining


Roast Chicken from Around the World


Pasta Party the Gluten-Free Way!


Healing Foods


The Natural Desserts Party


Chanukkah Party. Gluten-Free


Leftover Party


Thanksgiving Feast


The Winter Soups Kitchen


Just the Two of US: Elegant Quick Meals


Small Meals, Big Skillet


Rosh Hashana Dinner


Asian Bites


Sephardi Finger Foods


Moroccan Feast


Chocolate Fantasies!


Latin Fiesta!


Meatless Mondays


Main Course Salads


The Perfect Shabbos Cold Lunch


Chilled Summer Treats


Superfoods: Roots and Leaves


Italian Dinner

Indian Feast

Indian Feast


Dairy Treats


Mother’s Day Brunch


Seasonal Spring Feast


Passover Feast


Gluten-Free Cooking


Spelt Baking


Shabbos Dishes


Cold Shabbos Meal


Cooking For Beginners Series