Health Breakfast Menu and Recipes

My Health Breakfast for four was a real smash this week. It was supremely healthy even as it was delicious and fun. And easy. Perfect for these dog days, as we needed no cooking or reheating whatsoever. The perfect Cold Summer Health Breakfast!

I confess to buying the cheese babka. This was my one extravagance, and I served it in very small slices, from a mini loaf. Ever since I discovered Babkalicious by Lana, I don’t make babka: I order it. Every bit as delicious and sensible as homemade. Give Lana a call!

Infused waters are the best, most delicious and most refreshing zero-calorie treats.

Homemade cold brew: Now that I am sharing my cold Brew Bag Discovery with you, you will be delighted to see nothing comes close to the homemade cold brew, made with cold brew bags

Here is my health breakfast menu, with all recipes and links

Chopped Salad with Haloumi Cheese, Tehina Zaatar Dressing
Overnight Oats Greek Yogurt
Cheese Babka
Infused Water and Homemade Cold Brew

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