sheva brachot

Sheva Brachot is one of my favorite events to host.

We usually try to host our nephews and nieces’ Sheva Brachot right after their wedding, before most of the out-of-town guests disband. But this last wedding, for my nephew Meir Abner, took place in Montreal, as well as all subsequent Sheva Brachot, except ours,  which took place last night, and was the last one in a week of joyous festivities. I thought to myself there must have been several meat menus offered during the week, so I decided to make a dairy dinner menu. I had just received two magnificent wheels of cheese from Israel, and decided to give them pride of place. I had a dominant Italian theme for my dinner menu, with just the right number of Moroccan and Asian highlights (egalitarian, see?)

I’ll bet you will be delighted to hear that dried wild mushrooms, with nothing added, do not require a Kosher certification, and are becoming excellently priced. Buy them online, as I do!

Here comes the whole Sheva Brachot menu, with all the recipes.

The best part in this dinner menu, as always with all my menus, it is 100% nutritionally correct. I want us to eat in style, and in good health too. Don’t say I’m not a pal! You’re most welcome!

Antipasto: Antipasto (Roasted Beets, Artichoke Hearts, Roasted Red Peppers,  Galil Vegetarian Stuffed Leaves, Giant Caper Berries, assorted Mini Campari Tomatoes)
Moroccan Olive Salad
Radishes and Jicama with Hot and Sweet Mustard Dip
Cheeses: Bleu de Bresse, and Manchego (from Machane Yehuda: I got lucky!)
Whole Grain Baguettes
Herb Butter (mix room temperature butter with sea salt, fresh thyme leaves and lavender leaves)
Corn Chowder
Fettuccini with Wild Mushroom Sauce
Maple-Roasted Salmon
Fresh Seaweed Sashimi Salad
Mixed Greens with Oil and Vinegar Dressing
Ice Cream Cake
Berry Fruit Salad
Coconut Cookies

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