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Say it with Apple Recipes for a Great New Year

Apple Recipes: What better way to express it? Wishing You All a  Wonderful Happy Healthy Delicious Fun Prosperous Productive Peaceful New Year! The following Apple Recipes are my Rosh Hashanah gift to everyone, beside of course my Complete…
The Children Real Food Revolution has Begun

The Children Real Food Revolution

The Children Real Food Revolution Has Begun! And I Started it! Summer Camp Menu and Recipes! Enjoy our pictures! My summer was off to a very poor start this year, with some emergency repairs in my apartment which left…

Our Demo at Cheder Chabad Monsey: Menu and Recipes

At the lovely home of Chana and Chaim Grey Enjoy the pictures! Enjoy this Youtube trailer of our demo Thank you for sharing the story! So…
My Latest Shabbos Menu: Cool and Playful Summer Recipes

My Latest Shabbat Menu: Cool and Playful Summer Recipes

My Latest Shabbat Menu: Cool and Playful Summer Recipes: On impossibly hot days, rather than make up a menu and try to stick to it, I decide to look around me, and let the produce displays surprise me and inform my menu. Since going this route…
Isabella Freedman
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Isabella Freedman Retreat. A Wonderful World in NYC's Backyard

Enjoy the pictures Several friends had been telling me about the Isabella Freedman Retreat, at the border of Connecticut and the Berkshires (hence…
Pate de Campagne

My Last Sheva Brachot Menu and Recipes

I was asked by several of my guests to share my recipes for the Sheva Brachot we hosted this week for my niece Mushkie and her husband Zalman, and I am delighted to oblige. So, here comes, complete with recipes. I used some wonderful treats…
Pre-Pessach Shabbos Bash

My Pre-Pessach Chametz Shabbos Menu and Recipes

My whole grain loaves look plebeian and rustic, in the traditional Sephardi/Arabic tradition, but they taste awfully GOOD! Pre-Pessach Shabbos Menu, everyone's mind is racing about how to make the most of our stash of goodies, the ones we…
tu bishvat

Tu Bishvat: Cooking with Fruit. Menu and Recipes

Tu Bishvat I have been married to an Ashkenazi for more blissful years than I care to remember (I'm afraid counting will make me look ancient, so please don't make me!), and I have happily taken on all my husband's customs, for every holiday.…

Quick Shabbos Cooking. Menu and Recipes

Quick Shabbos Cooking! I'm all ears! Making Healthy Shabbos food in a Jiffy: That's what I love. This whole past week was taken up at my apartment with emergency repairs, and the first time I had full access to my kitchen was Thursday night.…

Mahia (Eau de Vie) Nahmias et Fils.

Mahia Nahmias et Fils: Drink - and eat - to your health! I recently had the pleasure of meeting Dorit and David Nahmias, distillers extraordinaire, of Mahia and Rye Whisky at Nahmias et Fils: their Mahia is fabulous! It doesn't hurt one bit…

The Delicious World of Plums. Recipes

Plums, plums, plums! I get my fill of plums every summer while they are plentiful and linger until late October. Early November, and they are still there: Bring some plums home while they last! The variety of plums I love is the long, dark,…
meatless dinners

Wonderful Meatless Dinners. Four Complete Menus and Recipes

Meatless dinners are not just for Mondays! And not just for the "Nine Days' for that matter! They are our chance to showcase all those dishes we all too often think of as supporting actors, a sort of prop to meat-and-potato meals, and which…