Healthy Snacks Recipes

Good And Good For You: Healthy Snacks Recipes

Healthy Snacks: Homemade, quick and healthy: The Holy Grail! Whip up a nice big batch of Healthy Snacks in a jiffy! Remember your mantra: You can do it, and you do it better! You will make the best and healthiest treats in no time,…
Vegetable couscous

Moroccan Meatless Feast. Menu and Recipes

Moroccan Meatless Feast. Simchat Torah 2018! We have been hosting the Simchat Torah Party ever since we got married, forty two years ago. We call it affectionately the Drunken Lunch. This is the day we are are told to make lots of Lechaims,…
secrets of a kosher girl

Secrets of a Kosher Girl. Book Review

Secrets of a Kosher Girl Treat yourself to a copy (Amazon link above)! What secrets? Secrets no more! Talented Beth Warren RD spills the beans: All revealed! Can Secrets of a Kosher Girl be shared? Please???? It sounds somewhat naughty,…
small feasts

Great Small Feasts: Menu and Recipes

Great Small Feasts: We are all used to a feast being an epic gigantic memorable affair. My feast, hosted this past Sunday for just TWO guests, begs the question: Are VERY small feasts worth hosting? Total headcount: FOUR! The proverbial double…
Vacation dinners

Vacation Dinners, In Good Health and In Style!

Vacation Dinners for Two When on vacation, we often deplore the lack of access to decent Kosher Foods, or any kosher foods, for that matter. Ha, where are all our East Coast-West Coast (or Israel) Restaurants when we need them? The irony is,…
Stovetop Roasting

Stovetop Roasting: Recipe Ideas Galore

Stovetop Roasting: Recipe Ideas Galore Summer encourages the experimentation with creative and fun new recipes, full of bold and fresh flavors. We may feel discouraged, however, when the weather deters us from our kitchen adventures- suffocating…
Millennial Kosher
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Millennial Kosher Cookbook Review

  Millennial Kosher: Get your copy on Amazon!  My first thought on receiving my copy of the gorgeous Millennial Kosher by the talented Chanie Apfelbaum of Busy in Brooklyn fame was, do my little Go Chanie dance. A GenXer, conveniently…
Israeli Feast

Israel at 70! All Israeli Feast Menu and Recipes

Israeli Feast is the way we celebrated Israel at 70 Well what do you expect from me? I always say it with food, right? And it never fails! You just need to hear, see and taste my Israeli Feast menu! My heart was in Israel, envying all who…
Healthy Brunch

The Perfect Healthy Brunch. Menu and Recipes

Healthy Brunch is easily my favorite meal And not just mine: I and two very dear friends and neighbors often get together at brunch time, and I am forever expanding the brunch menu selection. I always dream of food as Breakfast A Toute…
meal prep

The Scoop About Meal Prep. My Tips and Ideas

Meal Prep is the current hot button topic. I want to say right at the outset I am aware not everyone might agree with me on all points about my take on meal prep, and that's okay!  Many rewarding and fulfilling years in cooking for very large…
birthday brunch and recipes
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Birthday Brunch Menu and Recipes

Intimate Brunch party chez moi! Special birthday brunch for a very special friend for a super special significant (round) number. I wanted the brunch to be, not just about birthday presents, but a celebration of all the foods and the dishes…