Upcoming Cooking Demo in NYC: Monday October 31st: Secrets of Whole Grain Bread Baking. Served with Salad and Soup

Too many of us simply don’t believe bread or challah can be as exciting if baked with whole grain flours, and often settle for mediocre bad-for-you white bread offerings. I have the modest hope of changing that in my circles of students and readers. As you all know, and as my new cookbook amply bears this out, spelt flour is my whole grain of choice: lower gluten, higher fiber, higher protein, great flavor: You just can’t miss! We’ll have plenty of soup and salad to enjoy our goodies with.

I’ll be demonstrating:

  • Water challah
  • Egg challah
  • Anise-scented Moroccan bread
  • Zaatar-rubbed pita
  • Foccacia
  • Moroccan pea soup
  • Salad

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