Upcoming Cooking Demo in NYC: Monday November 29th: Chanukkah Party. Gluten-Free

Courtesy of the alarmist low-carb food industry, the humble potato has gone from being a faithful staple at every table to making rare and apologetic appearances, as in Chanukkah, where we fry and eat it with a vengeance. In this feast, you will incorporate it wisely and deliciously at every dish, yes, even dessert!

I’ll be demonstrating:

  • Bison shepherd pie
  • Potato leek Portobello soup
  • Potato latkas with homemade apple-pear sauce
  • Roasted potato salad
  • Potato fruit gnocchi.

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    1. Barbara Pollak
      Barbara Pollak says:

      I see you are doing a workshop that includes bison. I haven’t been able to find kosher bison in at least a year – the butchers say the suppliers are not coming through for them. So the question is, where do you get your bison so I can put my guys on it?

      Thanks, Happy Thanksgiving!

      • Lévana
        Lévana says:

        I love to cook with bison, and there’s nothing I would do with beef that I don’t do with bison: Stew, burgers, even roast and London Broil. It’s ideally lean and practically cholesterol-free, and decently priced. Sometimes Fairway has it, Pomegranate almost always has it, and http://www.kosher.com/ always has it.
        So I hope you get it! The dish we are making with it at Monday’s demo, bison shepherd pie, is wonderful. Hope you join us soon at one of our demo, all the best

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