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A Lean July 4th

Posted on 30th of June, 2012 by Lévana


Growing up abroad (Morocco) I remember glorious outdoors feast, centering around a barbecue. The great difference with the American BBQ counterpart though, is that we serve smaller portions of meat and much larger portions of salads and veggies. In other words, not unlimited amounts of burgers, hot dogs, chicken, with sliced pickles, corn on a cob etc….  Equal time for meat, vegetables and grains even on a splurging day: Yum!

For all of us who don’t have an outdoors and a BBQ grill, our oven broiler to the rescue, or even a very hot skillet!

 The following menu is taken straight from my latest demo, The Good Junk, where I use several all-American Classics known as rich and decadent, and recast them the lean and healthy -my-way!

Burgers with all Toppings
Baked Fish Sticks with Cocktail Sauce
Cole Slaw
Fresh Corn Salad
Beer-Baked Beans
Mixed Greens with Basil Honey Dressing
Apple Crumb Pie


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