The Art of the Letter Revived

My dear friend Joe Blank, who was my original demo assistant ages ago at Lincoln Square Synagogue, wrote me yesterday that he found in his drawers a letter he sent me almost twenty years ago. It really made my day, so I thought I’d share. Since I am low tech and have no scanner, I am copying it. Here it is:

Dear Levana,
A hearty thanks on behalf of the 118 ecstatic students who enrolled in your Spring Cooking Classes at Lincoln Square Synagogue. It was always a joy to observe everyone relishing the delicious delectable delights as they were being prepared, and then anxiously anticipating the next course. We were all not only inspired by the food, but we also came away convinced that kosher cooking, if prepared properly and creatively, could easily be elevated to the level of fine cuisine.
Of course, the true success of the classes was not merely the opportunity to enjoy and learn your tasteful and appealing dishes, but the manner in which they were masterfully rendered and wonderfully complemented by your unique charm, poise and sense of humor.
Again, on behalf of all your very contended friends at LSS, please accept our unanimous Five-Star Review! Joe Blank

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