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Tehina Chocolate Nut Butter Recipe. All Nut Butter Variations

Posted on 25th of February, 2014 by Lévana


In this amazing Tehina Chocolate Nut Butter, sesame paste, or Tehina, costars beautifully with chocolate. Sort of a new age Nutella, only much less sweet and much healthier, and there’s nothing you would do with Nutella that you couldn’t do with my Tehina Chocolate Spread!

Tehina often plays second fiddle to other, more muscular ingredients,  hummus being the most ubiquitous, followed by sauces and dips. Actually it is the main ingredient in Chalva, but most commercial Chalva (I won’t lump in this category the delicious moist artisanal varieties we find in Israeli shuks) errs hopelessly on the sweet side (not so my Quick Chalva, loosely inspired from its cloying  counterpart, and nutritionally correct), so it hardly counts except as a guilty splurge.

Here I am using poetic license with Tehina,  sesame seed paste, and using it here just as I would use a nut butter. Tehina co-stars on equal terms with the mighty chocolate, and stands up to it fearlessly, elevating the humble paste beyond its wildest dreams in terms of flavor and texture.  Nutella was the comfort food dessert of my expat student years ages ago, so of course I think of it very fondly, but I never buy it as it is loaded with sugar. So I make my own spread, and please forgive this bit of swagger: It blows Nutella and other chocolate nut butter spreads out of the water. Super Delicious, Super Nutritious and Super Natural, it gets whipped up in a couple minutes.  One more thing: It is Super versatile, and you can take it places, as you will see below. 

The amount of sweetener I use is very reasonable (barely 1/4 cup for almost 2 pints of chocolate nut butter), way below the amount used in commercial spreads, naturally and deliciously augmenting the ratio of Tehina and chocolate per serving. Attention sugar-restricted friends: You’ll love to hear that you can make it without sugar or other sweetener altogether, using Stevia or Truvia instead of the agave used here.

Please do not use honey in this chocolate nut butter recipe, as it adds a very good but unwelcome layer of flavor in the spread; stick with the perfectly neutral agave syrup. Likewise, do not substitute anything for the coconut milk, and use the full-fat kind, it is responsible for the amazing creaminess of the spread.

This is a nice large recipe,  and will yield you about 2 pints. It’s that good! Here’s a way to satisfy your craving, the superfoods, gluten-free, dairy-free, low-carb way. What more could you ask for? You’re welcome!

8 ounces semisweet or bittersweet chocolate, roughly chopped, or two cups semisweet chocolate chips
1 cup canned coconut milk, full-fat (sorry no substitutions)
1 cup pure cocoa powder
1/2 cup water
1/4 cup agave syrup, dark or light
1 1/3 cups tehina paste


Melt the chocolate, coconut milk, cocoa, water and agave on a very low flame, or microwave for two minutes. Stir the mixture until smooth.
Place the tehina in a food processor. Add the chocolate mixture and process again until smooth. Pour into clean glass jars. the mixture will firm up to a thick spreadable consistency. Store in the refrigerator, or freeze.  Makes about 2 pints.


– Chocolate Hazelnut Butter: Substitute 3 cups toasted hazelnuts for the Tehina, but process them thoroughly in a food processor before adding the chocolate mixture. You might want to use other toasted nuts as well: Peanuts, cashews, almonds, pistachios, pecans, even roasted chestnuts (even though it’s not a nut).  Proceed just as instructed here.
– Sugar-Restricted:
use unsweetened chocolate, omit the agave, and use 1/4 to 1/3 cup stevia or truvia (none of the dreadful Splenda or other chemical sweeteners)
Cake Topping: Add 2-3 tablespoons rum or brandy to the mixture, and use it as top layer to ice cream cake (the rum will prevent it from freezing solid). Likewise, use it as topping or filling to any cake, like a ganache. Spread while it is is still liquid, before it firms up, so it will spread easily.
Tart Filling, Truffles and Bars: Add some chopped toasted nuts, or toasted sesame seeds, or grated unsweetened coconut, and a little coconut to thin the mixture, and use as a filling for a tart.  Or shape the mixture into little balls, and roll in cocoa powder or coconut. You could also pat the whole mixture into a pan, chill, then cut into squares or bars.
Dip: Slather on apple, pear or banana slices, or on berries.

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  1. Yehudis, on Said:

    I was so eager to make this for shabbos (and forever) that I took my food processor outdoors so as not to wake my sleeping children :) yes I looked weird, but now we have delicious chocolate techina spread! I enjoy so much to use nutritional powerhouses for ingredients, which in turn, combine into such heavenly experiences. This combo should be illegal, but in fact, it’s quite an open channel for all happiness to enter :)