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Ricotta Berry Parfait Recipe

Posted on 27th of May, 2010 by Lévana

Ricotta Berry Parfait

Ricotta Berry Parfait is ready in a jiffy, and so fabulous. Don’t hesitate to use frozen berries in ricotta berry parfait: they are available year-round, cleaned, sweet and full of flavor, you just can’t go wrong. No need to thaw. By the time they macerate in the liqueur, just a few minutes, they will be ready and at room temperature!


3 cups ricotta cheese (low-fat OK)

3 cups vanilla yogurt

(Use 6 cups yogurt if you prefer an all-yogurt base)

4 cups mixed berries, larger ones cut up

3 tablespoons crème de cassis (liquor stores)

1/4 cup maple syrup

1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar

1 cup granola, crumbled medium-fine with your fingers


Mix the ricotta and yogurt in a bowl. Mix the berries, cassis, maple syrup and vinegar in another bowl. Prepare 6 wine or martini glasses. Divide the ricotta among the glasses. Top with the berry mixture, liquid and all, using it all up.  Just before serving, sprinkle the granola over all.



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