My New Cookbook: New Reprint Very Soon Please G-d!


I will feel much better after I share this: Instead of the celebration I was envisioning upon its release, it has become my torment for almost 2 weeks now. I am terribly sorry (and deeply embarrassed) to say there were major technical glitches in the production of the book. As a result, the finished book in its present form doesn’t begin to do justice to its valuable contents and gorgeous pictures. When I don’t cry about it, I sing to myself that old hippie song, Look what they’ve done to my song, Ma But the good news is, the text is intact, and is excellent, if I may say so myself. If you are prepared to be tolerant with its current looks and consider only its inner beauty, its countless insights, three major indexes, and  its more than 350 super-healthy and super-delicious dishes, please order  your copy from Amazon asap at the fantastic price of $8.95 (just call it your Passover copy, or your summer copy!)

We will be going into bigger-better-more-beautiful-new-price reprint, very soon please G-d! We will end up with the beautiful book this book was meant to be, just like my previous books: Please bear with me! I am forever grateful for all your continued friendship and support, and I will do you proud, I guarantee it!


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