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My Last Treat: The Martha Stewart Show

Posted on 13th of May, 2010 by Lévana

A friend recently forwarded me an invitation to the Martha Stewart Show. Should I go, I kept asking myself? The “invitation” was fraught with recommendations written in a style that made them sound more like warnings (what you should wear, when you should arrive, how you will forfeit your turn if you don’t do a, b or c) etc… Gosh, I thought, it sounds like boot camp. But I did register myself and a friend, and we went yesterday. I know  Martha doesn’t need my plug, but I must tell you it was an extraordinary experience: You just can’t help admiring her inexhaustible genius for promotion and merchandising, and the comfortable, confidential, familiar tone of her presentation. Better than a Broadway show. I intend to go again: first chance I get: so I will arrive two hours early, and wear bright colors, and clap till I drop, and whatnot: A small price to pay for the treat, and the education!

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