mother's day brunch

Mother’s Day Brunch. Menu and Recipes.

Mother’s Day Brunch menus are quite exciting:

Spring bounty, guests all ages, classic crowd pleasers, eclectic menu, beautiful weather (hopefully!)

The idea with a meal like Mother’s Day Brunch is to give mom a break from kitchen chores, so we keep the menu simple and not too labor-intensive, even while we keep it exciting and interesting. This menu is nothing short of fabulous. The scones are so easy to make I am including two kinds, one sweet and one savory, so you don’t have to choose; besides, they freeze very well.

You will be happy to have my frittata recipe on hand, with its dozen variations. I like to make the potato cauliflower frittata with grated cheddar and no greens, to keep it all white.

By the way, all the dishes in this Mother’s Day Brunch would be fabulous for Shavuot too!


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