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Moroccan Roasted Chicken Recipe

Posted on 19th of March, 2010 by Lévana

Moroccan Roasted Chicken

Who doesn’t love roast chicken? Not only because it is a relief from all the rich foods we indulge in during long holidays, but delicious in its own right. In fact, no matter how luxurious your menu gets, may I recommend you make a couple roast chicken and have them on hand, for those who eat no red meat, for those who would prefer less-rich foods?

You would love to know I have devoted a whole chapter to my roast chicken in my new cookbook! In every shape and form!


10 large cloves garlic

1 small bunch cilantro

1 large bunch flat parsley

Juice and peel of 2 lemons

2 tablespoons paprika

2 tablespoons oregano

2 good pinches red pepper flakes

1 tablespoon cumin

1 tablespoon ground coriander

1 tablespoon ground pepper

6 bay leaves

8 serving pieces chicken (2 per person: 16 pieces total: legs, thighs, half breasts), or 2 whole chickens


Place all ingredients in a food processor, and process to a smooth paste. Rub the chicken pieces in the mixture, and marinate up to 8 hours. (if you do not have the marinating time, forgo and bake right away)

Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. Place chicken pieces, marinade and all, in a baking dish in one layer. Bake uncovered for 40 mn. Take out the breasts, they should be done. Turn the other pieces over and bake another 15mn.

Serve hot. Room temp ok.

Delicious over rice or with tiny roasted potatoes.

Note: Whole chicken. Bake breast side down 1 hour, turn over and bake 15 more minutes

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9 Questions

    • Lévana, on Said:

      Gail, Either I buy the bay leaves ground, or I grind them, all by themselves, and put them in a very dry container.

  1. Helen, on Said:

    Hi there……greetings from New Zealand. Going to a ” Moroccan Night Dinner Party” next week with 7 couples. We all bring a dish……to share the work load for the host couple. I digress…..does the marinade go inside the bird too…!! The marinade goes on top of the skin right…..not underneath?? Can you tell I am not confident in the kitchen :(. Lastly, I would need to cook it……..then transport it. Would it keep warm wrapped in foil, then a towel, and put in a chilly bin/Eski. have done this a lot with pulled port for example and it was still hot almost two hours alter. The steam within the foil keeps the meet soft and tender. Thank you so much for an awesome recipe….hope I can find time to try it before the big day, but if not your reply would help me heaps :) :)

    • Lévana, on Said:

      Helen do exactly as it says in the recipe, don’t guess any step, just follow the recipe literally, it’s all there. wrapped in foil is good. Have a wonderful time!

  2. Gail Cohen, on Said:

    I am looking everywhere for a simple roast turkey breast recipe with bone and skin about 31/2 pounds. I put some water and onions in the pan at 425 degrees and the pyrex burst.
    Please help I only make roast chicken and turkey breast with bone and skin. I wasn’t sure how to convert roast chicken recipe with bone and skin to turkey brest with bone and skin.
    Gail Cohen

    Thank you!

  3. Judith Weil, on Said:

    Levana- I served this last Shabbat to rave reviews. Marinade was sufficient for 3 whole roast chickens. Roast chicken will never be the same! Thanks.