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Moroccan Fennel, Orange and Radish Salad Recipe

Posted on 23rd of July, 2012 by Lévana

Moroccan Fennel, Orange and Radish Salad Recipe

Fennel, orange and radish are a classical and delightful salad combination in our Moroccan cooking. It will make you love Fennel, which is not getting a full appreciation in the US just yet. You will love the inclusion of orange flower water which makes so many of our Moroccan dishes so fragrant. If it is too hard to find on Passover, just skip it.
Give your food processor all your slicing to do, and reduce your labor.
Cut the oranges with a sharp serrated knife, so as not to bruise them and not to extract moisture. Zest them first, then dice them.
The salad is delicious with either romaine hearts of cabbage, but it will keep for up to a whole day if you make it with cabbage, romaine being the more perishable of the two.

Moroccan Fennel, Orange and Radish Salad 

3 romaine hearts, or half a medium head of white cabbage, sliced very thin

1 large head fennel, sliced very thin

2 cups radishes, sliced very thin

2 seedless oranges, zested, peeled and diced about 2/3 inch (reserve the zest)


1/3 cup olive oil

Juice of 2-3 lemons

1 tablespoon orange flower water (skip if it’s hard to find on Passover)

The reserved orange zest

2 tablespoons sugar

Salt and pepper to taste

1/4 cup mint leaves, sliced thin (optional)


Place all salad ingredients in a shallow bowl or a platter. Whisk all dressing ingredients, pour over the salad and toss.


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