Levana Wholesome Spelt Desserts

Promise I don’t want to be coy here: After more than two years of incredibly hard work to get my line of Natural Spelt Desserts in place, it looks like it’s finally happening. They are called, what else, Levana. I made a dry run of the desserts a couple weeks ago, and served them at my house, and at a couple Lag Baomer events today. Next week they will be used for a major event, Hachnasat Kallah in Brooklyn, with 1000 guests attending. If the way I saw them disappear at each and every event is any indication, all kids big and small love’em! We are working on press releases, distribution, and online ordering. It should all B”H fall into place in just a few weeks: Please be patient! You will soon see them appear on your shelves: They are everything you would make in your own home!  I have chosen spelt as it is Low Gluten, High fiber, High Protein and Delicious! I am so excited,and so will you be!

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