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Lemonade’s Great, Only Not Before Bedtime!

Posted on 24th of May, 2011 by Lévana


Last night after my children’s Lag Baomer Party at the Lighthouse Washington Heights, my husband and I walked all the way from there back home. Not only were we not daunted by the four-plus mile trek, which we are totally used to doing, but we cheated and checked out some quaint spots along the way, getting home well after dark, exhausted and happy. We were very thirsty after the usual salty Barbecue offerings and the long walk, and longed for an iced-cold drink. As soon as we arrived, I rushed to the fridge and took out my lemonade, of which I always have ample supplies  and we had a couple glasses. The big problem was, it made me totally sleepless. I remembered too late some valuable advice my mother used to give us, which I myself always give: Do NOT eat or drink anything tonic or astringent before bed.

So: Going to bed soon? No lemonade, tea, mint, berries, oranges etc…. Rather: Chamomile, verveine, lavender, rooibos, apple tea and apples, cinnamon herbal tea. Hot or cold are equally delicious.  Likewise, no heavy metal music, but a little night music to put you in a soothing mood. You will thank me for a good night sleep!


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