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Lemon Cake Recipe

Posted on 6th of May, 2013 by Lévana

Lemon Cake

Non-Lemon-Lovers need not apply! This is perfect for brunch but also for dessert, with fruit or sorbet. The baked cake gets soaked all over with a luscious lemon syrup. You are in for a treat! 

This is a decidedly dairy cake. Sorry, guys! Don’t substitute margarine or oil for the butter; you will notice the difference. Yogurt: Ditto. Buttermilk will work as well. A friend of mine took a large chunk of this cake on a plane trip to Chicago and shared it with the stewardesses. One of them e-mailed me that she must have more and asked if she could have the recipe. I am used to my recipes getting a lot of mileage on the ground, but this was the first time at 30,000 feet!


1 ½ cups sugar
1 cup butter, at room temperature
3 eggs
3 cups flour
½ teaspoon baking soda
1 cup plain yogurt
2 tablespoons grated lemon zest
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice


Preheat the oven to 325*F. Mix the flour and baking soda in a bowl, and set aside. Mix the yogurt, lemon zest and lemon juice in another bowl, and set aside. In a food processor or mixer, beat the sugar and butter until light and fluffy. Add the eggs one at a time and mix each time until incorporated. Add the flour and yogurt mixtures alternately, beginning and ending with flour, mixing each time only until just combined.
Bake in a greased 10-inch springform pan for about one hour or until the point of a knife inserted in center comes out clean. Carefully unmold the cake, and place it on a round tray. Prick holes all over the cake with a skewer while it is hot and pour the hot lemon syrup (recipe follows) all over the cake.

 Lemon syrup:
1/3 cup fresh lemon juice
2 tablespoons grated lemon zest
1/3 c sugar
¼ cup butter

Bring all the ingredients to a boil in a small saucepan. Reduce the heat to medium and cook for about 5 minutes, until slightly thickened.

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  1. Kelly, on Said:

    Thank you, thank you for this recipe. I haven’t even yet poured the syrup over it and the cake is perfect and delish. I am not even the best baker but it came out exactly as I would have expected from a good baker. :) Can’t wait to pour the syrup over it.


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