In Search of Chef Moshe Segev’s Bread’s Recipe

During our recent trip to Israel, my husband and I were delighted with the quality and caliber of the food, that is, just as long as we stayed clear of all forgettable poultry and meat items. Which suited us just fine: All salads, fish dishes, desserts (even store-bought!), ice cream, were delightful.

But the great winner was a spectacular round and fragrant flat little bread loaf, Arabic style, hot to the touch, rubbed on the bottom with Zaatar and scented with dry coriander seed. When we asked the waitress at Cafe Rimon who was responsible for this fabulous bread, she mentioned Chef Moshe Segev. I googled him and found his information on Facebook (gosh, he didn’t have to be so good looking on top of being so talented: KAO!) and asked him if he would part with his recipe, so we poor NYC dwellers can make it at home and catch a spicy whiff of the Holy Land: So stay tuned: Chef Moshe, we are anxiously and hungrily waiting!

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