Hurricane Friends in Distress: Chabad Brighton Beach

Our dear friends Rabbi Zushe and Rebetzin Esther Winner, Shluchim at Chabad Brighton Beach, have suffered tremendous losses in Hurricane Sandy, and their home and their schul are very badly damaged (I was told their Torah miraculously survived). Rebetzin Esther, ever the organizer, and brave at all times including these dire times, has meticulously listed all items that were lost and could be replaced (things with emotional value attached, alas not being replaceable, are not listed…)

It is impossible to describe the scope and caliber of the magnificent work the Winners do for their Russian community, and this goes for their young married children as well. They run a school where all the children have been relocated in a makeshift space, until they can rebuild, and they are in need of absolutely everything.

Since I cannot express it better than the Rebetzin herself, I have included the list she sent me as is. Needless to say, everything will help.

All  of us who have enjoyed the Winners’ kindnesses and boundless hospitality will have a hard time imagining them on the receiving end. I am an old admiring friend, and I must say it is the first time they are in this bind and asking for help, and let’s hope and pray it is the last. We would rather be dancing at their children’s Simchas, please Gd!

Wishing them and all our friends, relatives and neighbors in distress a prompt and complete recovery.
May everyone rebuild bigger better!
This is the link to donate:
Maybe you could help us with our losses
Here is an itemized  list of some of what we lost

Hebrew School:
  • printer
  • ink and more ink
  • 4 CD players
  • jewish CD’s – all Morah Music 1 718 360 6692
  • jewish childrens educational and holiday CD’s
  • 2 box magna tiles 
  • A champ wooden board game – monsey
  • tambourines/shakers, musical instruments for 4 year old
  • 15 plush torahs – or any judaica store
  • 2 mats – discount school supplies
  • clay
  • oak tags
  • glue – liquid & stick
  • paint
  • markers
  • pencils –
  • pens
  • foam sticky ABC letters
  • staplers & staples
  • scissors
  • paper folders – all colors
  • 30 eng/heb tehillas hashem siddurs
  • 30 eng/russian tehilas hashem siddurim from FREE
  • stopwatches
  • 60 aleph champ  workbooks of every colour
  • 2 new computers or from wherever else
  • laptop 
  • individual snackpacks; pretzels, chips, cookiesAfter School: public school kids who join us for Jewish education daily, we serve them dinner and snack and run an afterschool program


Women’s Rosh Chodesh
Childrens Holiday Events:

  • commercial fridge
  • 2 freezers
  • 1 fridge/freezer
  • portable heaterany wholesaler or BenZee’s :
  • number 10 cans of everything (hearts of palm, corn, olives etc…)
  • pasta, all types
  • Uncle Ben’s Rice
  • Cereals
  • Sugar
  • flour
  • oilSupplier: or similar:
  • 48″ heavy duty trash bags
  • few cases large garbage bags
  • cases of half, 1, and 2 pound plastic containers
  • zip loc bags (gallon & sandwich)Culinary:Kids Culinary:Womens Culinary:all the below from or similar company of your choice
  • 9 inch round aluminium pans
  • large  deep rectangular roasting pans
  • 9×13 pans
  • large disposable cookie sheets
  • challa loaf pans
  • case of parchment paper
  • case of cellophane bags – fox paper
  • every color ribbon – fox paperSupplier: US chocolate 1 718 788 8555
  • choc food coloring for melting chocolate – all colors
  • 20 pounds semi sweet chocolate for melting
  • white pareve coating for melting
  • case choc chips regular size
  • sprinkles – choc & rainbow
  • dipping chocolate
  • sugar
  • confectioner icing sugar
  • brown sugar
  • flour
  • oilSupplier: Kerekes 718) 232-7044
  • 15 sets chef hats & aprons in red
  • cases of disposable hats, aprons, gloves
  • 2 choc fountains
  • 2 cholent pots
  • soup urn – large for approx 100
  • small soup urn – for 20-30
  • tealights
  • 40 jewish cookbooks (full sets of susie fishbein, kosher pallette, kosher light, 30min kosher levana kirschenbaum, jamie geller, spice & spirit, etc) from eichlers/judaica world/mekor hasforim
  • coffee machinePhotos are available upon request of much of these destroyed items.Thank you very very much for all your thoughts, wishes, and help!!!
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