Exhibiting my New Line of Natural Desserts at Kosherfest!

Would you all believe this giant project I have been working on for so long is finally coming out of … the oven? Levana Natural Spelt Desserts! Booth # 727 (Toobro). As you all know, I am a very spoiled cook and baker, used to being constantly told about my good food, and my dessert line is no exception: great raves, no persuading whatsoever needed about “trying” Spelt: They are gobbling it up, all children big and small. And why not? There is absolutely nothing you do with regular wheat that you can’t do with spelt, but with the priceless added advantage that spelt is much lower in gluten, higher in protein, higher in fiber and wonderful in flavor! In other words, a win-win kind of grain. By the way, so many of you who have sworn all forms of gluten off your diet (beside of course our celiac friends who absolutely must stay away), have you tried cooking and baking with low gluten grains like spelt? You will be amazed at the results! You will be delighted to find out you didn’t have to part with your great favorites after all, you only had to reduce the gluten!

I will be exhibiting my new dessert line tomorrow and Wednesday, October 26th and 27th, at Kosherfest: Hope to see you there!

I can’t thank enough all the wonderful friends who helped make this project possible (they will easily identify themselves!), and above all my husband Maurice, who put up with all the craziness all these weeks (maybe even months? Years? What is marriage for?)

Our natural spelt desserts will soon be available countrywide: Request them at your local stores! they are exactly what all of you nutrition-minded but busy cooks would make in your own home if you had the time, just a little better!

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