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Quick Minestrone Recipe

Posted on 18th of February, 2010 by Lévana


I trust you should have no trouble whatsoever finding dozens of delicious minestrone recipes, made the loving unhurried way. My idea for this quick and incredibly satisfying version of the classic was: How can I play with the same ingredients and get a great soup in a fraction of the...
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Corn Bread Recipe. All Variations. Gluten-Free Option

Posted on 15th of February, 2010 by Lévana

IMG_0537 - Copy

Ready in a snap: So nice to know we have options that are dairy-free, low-gluten, and gluten-free. The secret of good corn bread is to stick your empty greased pan in the oven while you whip up the batter to get it really good and hot; this way the baking gets a...
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Corn Chowder Recipe. All Variations

Posted on 8th of February, 2010 by Lévana


A chowder almost always signals the presence of potatoes, and a hearty creamy-chunky texture. This one has an added appeal: a lovely pale yellow color. Make this soup only with fresh corn please, when it is tender and sweet. This soup packas a great flavor punch, and needs no help...
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Some of My Favorite Smoothie Recipes!

Posted on 5th of February, 2010 by Lévana


None of the smoothie joints that have recently sprouted all over the city will whip up a smoothie as delicious, nutritious, inexpensive and quick as you will. The best part is, for the exact same amount of work you get not one but two, even three perfect smoothies. Why use...
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Pumpkin Cranberry Cake Recipe

Posted on 25th of December, 2009 by Lévana


I always look for baked goods that would double as real food, using unrefined sugars and whole grain flours, and sneaking in nuts, fruits and other goodies, so I can enjoy them more often and offer them confidently to all around me. Often my cakes end up looking and tasting...
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Rice With Vegetables, Seaweed, and Sprouts Recipe

Posted on 11th of November, 2009 by Lévana

Last night’s demo, Super Foods Super Feast, was on a subject that is very dear to me: actually the subject of the cookbook I am currently working on: I can’t tell you how exciting this book will be, written with a major nutritionist, chock full of beautiful pictures. I am...
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