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Chanukkah and the Fear of Frying: International Latkas Recipes

2nd of December, 2012


Latkas: The wonderful foods we love to hate! In addition to adding some delicious latkas and fritters recipes from around the world, you will learn a thing or two about frying safely and efficiently. Latkas even for dessert! Serve your latkas with homemade Apple Sauce: Nothing like it, and so...
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Vegetable Latkas and Burgers Recipes. All Variations

27th of November, 2011

Vegetable Latkas and Burgers Recipes

Latkas and burgers are wonderful year-round. Great children food too, as it sneaks in all those ingredients they would often scorn, but are totally integrated in burgers, where they do their unseen magic.  Fear of Frying? Start by going over my tips for frying efficiently and safely. Forget about those...
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