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Moroccan Almond Cookies Recipe. Ghriba. Vegan.

10th of April, 2012


These Moroccan Almond Cookies are a  great Moroccan/Sephardi favorite, called ghriba. Traditionally we make them round and top them with a little cinnamon. I am including the Traditional Basic Ghriba recipe here as well, so this Moroccan Almond Cookies variation, although it takes some poetic license, is a welcome change of pace,...
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Vegan Mock Zabaglione Recipe

25th of October, 2011


I haven’t had the authentic Zablaglione, the luscious Italian whipped egg-yolk-sugar-and-port cream classic dessert, since one day I got sick from -and ashamed of- having splurged on it. But even at small doses, not everyone can afford it: I trust you will like the results of my tinkering: It tastes...
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Hannah Kaminsky: Vegan Desserts

25th of May, 2011

You will all love Hannah Kaminsky’s luscious new Vegan Dessert Book: The girl can not only bake, she can also take fabulous pix, as you can plainly see above. I had the pleasure of working with her when she did the food styling for the pictures of my new cookbook. Oh...
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Vegan Chocolate Mousse Recipe. Gluten-Free

9th of April, 2010

two bowls of chocolate mousse with fresh raspberries, close-up horizontal

Ridiculously simple and incredibly delicious: I whip up this Vegan Chocolate Mousse in minutes. Who would believe my chocolate mousse has no eggs and no cream and tastes so rich? Gluten-Free too! No trace of the tofu’s controversial heritage, it’s all eclipsed by the other wonderful flavors! Tofu contributes only its bulk...
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