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Moroccan Potatoes, Tomato and Olive Tajine Recipe. All Variations

19th of April, 2013

Moroccan Potato, Tomato and Olive Tajine Recipe. All Variations

Sephardi food at its best and most fragrant. Straight from the Moroccan kitchen of my childhood. Ridiculously simple ingredients and hardly any labor. I have included several variations to make it a full one-pot dish, but you can choose to go without and make this a wonderful all-vegetable main course...
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Beer-Braised Mushroom Tempeh Stew

30th of January, 2011


Beer-Braised Mushroom Tempeh Stew Recipe: I am afraid tempeh looks as uninspiring as it sounds. But if you do go past its appearance and unromantic name, you are in for a real treat: Tempeh is made from cooked and slightly fermented soybeans and compressed into patties; it is then diced...
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