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Vegan Strawberry Shortcake Recipe. Dairy Recipe Included

21st of December, 2015


Strawberry Shortcake grew on me very recently, on a day when my three year old grandson enjoyed some at a school party, and asked me excitedly if I could make him ShobbyShoCake. I racked my brains, very briefly, to understand him, but I got it when he pointed to some “shobbies”...
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Cold Fruit Soup Recipe. Gluten-Free

21st of May, 2014

Cold Fruit Soup Recipe. Gluten-Free

This wonderful ruby-colored cold fruit soup is an exuberant celebration of summer and red fruit, and is equally at home in a soup bowl as a first course or in a martini glass as a dessert. Even in the heart of summer, I make this cold fruit soup with frozen berries...
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