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My Favorite Pizza: Basil!

Posted on 25th of March, 2011 by Lévana

Every time I go to Basil, I -not so- discreetly eye what everyone seated next to me  – and even a little further: Foodies, what do you expect?- is having. Yesterday it was those luscious poached eggs on toast with saute spinach and home fries, which two young men were...
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The Hot Sauce Happy Family. Charif Recipe. Harissa, Schug, Salsa, Chutney, Hot Pepper Jelly

Posted on 25th of March, 2011 by Lévana


When life gives you jalapenos, make charif! One Saturday night, Erev Purim, my daughter Bella complained that she had placed her Shabbos produce order online, and that something got lost in cyber-translation, turning 4 jalapenos and 6 tomatoes into 4 pounds jalapenos and 6 pounds plum tomatoes. But since she...
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The Kosher Food and Wine Experience: A Remarkable Journey

Posted on 27th of February, 2011 by Lévana

Recently I had been trying to firm up a kosher supervision for retail use of  Dashi powder. In my catering days I used to order it from Daniel Berlin at Sushi Metsuyan, so when it came time to write my upcoming cookbook, where I wanted to include recipes using dashi,...
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Planning a Party? Read this First, then Have Fun Entertaining! The Hostess’s Survival Guide

Posted on 20th of February, 2011 by Lévana

Hostess survival guide

Photo Courtesy of The following chapter is included in my first book, Levana’s Table: Kosher Cooking for Everyone. My readers have always found it very useful,  and I gave lectures on the subject several times. Recently I participated in the food preparations of a party for a very dear...
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The Instant Dorm Feast: Your Quick and Healthy Cooking-Without-Cooking Survival Guide

Posted on 16th of February, 2011 by Lévana


We all find ourselves, occasionally and sometimes not so occasionally, in situations that bring us apart from the comfort of our kitchens and the amenities that surround us daily: a vacation week, a business convention, a year away in college, even a week under the weather. All too often, a...
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In Search of Chef Moshe Segev’s Bread’s Recipe

Posted on 27th of January, 2011 by Lévana

During our recent trip to Israel, my husband and I were delighted with the quality and caliber of the food, that is, just as long as we stayed clear of all forgettable poultry and meat items. Which suited us just fine: All salads, fish dishes, desserts (even store-bought!), ice cream,...
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Shirataki: The Miracle Noodle that lives up to its name

Posted on 27th of January, 2011 by Lévana


Shirataki Noodles with Sesame Sauce Picture by Chaim Szmidt, Every time I come across any food or drink item that boasts zero calories, I remember my mother’s admonition, delivered in French with a scornful snort, heard all my life, from childhood until now: “Zero fois zero egal zero”. which...
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Fear of Flying: Ruminations of a Former World Traveler

Posted on 27th of December, 2010 by Lévana

On the eve of our departure to Israel, I am reminded of an email my friend Eve sent a few friends after her flight from Miami to Australia, which I would like to share with you, along with my response: You will enjoy this, I guarantee it! It might also...
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Banish MSG Forever!

Posted on 13th of December, 2010 by Lévana

It hadn’t occured to me to include this information, thinking by now it was clear to everyone they should stay away from MSG (no, not Madison Square Garden: I wish; monosodium glutamate) with a vengeance, until my son in law Meir recently reported mysterious and repeated blinding headaches. Concerned, we...
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Noidue Restaurant: Panini, Coffee and Nostalgia a la carte

Posted on 9th of December, 2010 by Lévana

There are several reasons Noidue Restaurant tugs at my heartstrings. Some questions come up about it quite often:  I thought sharing my thoughts would make me feel somewhat more at peace with seeing a whole chunk of our lives behind us…. Here’s why for my husband and I, going to...
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