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My Last Sheva Brachot Menu and Recipes

17th of March, 2013

Pate de Campagne

I was asked by several of my guests to share my recipes for the Sheva Brachot we hosted this week for my niece Mushkie and her husband Zalman, and I am delighted to oblige. So, here comes, complete with recipes. I used some wonderful treats Grow and Behold sent me,...
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Roast Chicken Five Ways (Make that Six!) Recipe

3rd of February, 2011


If memory serves, Roast Chicken was one Julia Child’s favorite dishes, and it is mine too! For all roast chicken lovers out there, here are very simple ways to treat yourself, getting a different and delicious dish each time. Make sure you never run out of my dry spice rub—it’s...
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Moroccan Roasted Chicken Recipe

19th of March, 2010

Moroccan Roasted Chicken

Who doesn’t love roast chicken? Not only because it is a relief from all the rich foods we indulge in during long holidays, but delicious in its own right. In fact, no matter how luxurious your menu gets, may I recommend you make a couple roast chicken and have them...
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