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Dry Spice Rub Recipe

17th of November, 2010

Dry-Spice Rub Recipe

This dry spice rub mixture is guaranteed to lick any commercial concoction you may have been buying! I can see you recoil at the sheer size of this dry spice rub recipe, and of course you can divide it, but I don’t think you will: after you taste a dry...
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Wild Rice with Mushrooms and Chestnuts Recipe

17th of November, 2010

Wild Rice with Mushrooms and Chestnuts Recipe

You are in for a treat! Perfect with roast turkey. Wild rice can err on the expensive side when you buy it packaged in those little boxes. Buy it straight from bins at health food stores or in price clubs. Whatever dish you might be making with wild rice, I...
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Sauerkraut Cabbage Soup Recipe

10th of November, 2010

Cabbage Sauerkraut Potato Soup Recipe

I look for every excuse to use the humble cabbage, like in this cabbage soup. Talk about gastronomie sans argent, with nutrition worth its weight in gold. Cabbage and caraway have a natural affinity, and team up with the potatoes to produce this delightfully funky cabbage soup. The addition of...
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Moroccan Fava Bean Soup (Bessara) Recipe. Iced Variation

6th of October, 2010

Moroccan Fava Bean Soup (Bessara) Recipe. Iced Variation

Photo Courtesy of A beloved Moroccan classic, called Bessara. This soup costs pennies, and tastes like a million bucks. I make it in summer too, and served it iced (see variation below). You might choose to serve this dish not as a soup but as a side dish. In...
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Orange Honey Cake Recipe

1st of September, 2010


A little kitschy, right? Just this once, please! I actually succeed in turning quite a few people on to my honey cake. Mine is moist and spicy and easy to love; I trust it will make you forget all the indignities of past dried-out and brittle honey cakes. I make...
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Moroccan Fishballs in Lemon Sauce Recipe. Chicken and Beef Variations

25th of August, 2010

Moroccan Fishballs

These Fishballs are our Moroccan answer to Gefilte Fish, easy, fragrant, zippy and delicious. No problem making these fishballs substituting ground beef, chicken, turkey, bison or lamb, and proceeding exactly as instructed below. Ingredients: Cooking liquid: 2 tablespoons oil Good pinch saffron threads 1 teaspoon turmeric 3 cups water Fishballs  mixture:...
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Lamb and Pine Nut-Stuffed Grape Leaves Recipe

18th of August, 2010


This treat might cure you of all misguided urges you might have to open a can and find a dozen insipid ready-to-eat grape leave rolls: Instead, spend a few minutes on the preparation of these fabulous gems, and enjoy them with family and friends! You can stuff the leaves with...
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Red Bean Chestnut Pumpkin Pudding Recipe

5th of August, 2010

Red Bean Chestnut Pumpkin Pudding Recipe

No time to make dessert? I have here what it takes to make 1 dozen ample servings of something absolutely delicious without turning on your oven or your stove. I admit it: I was in a mad scientist mood when I dreamed this up: The ingredient combo is as improbable...
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Frozen Chocolate Coconut Cake Recipe

4th of August, 2010

Frozen Chocolate Cake Recipe

I developed this wonderful frozen chocolate coconut cake to accommodate Kosher diners after a meat meal as well as dairy-intolerant diners. You will love the pairing of coconut and chocolate. Although this frozen chocolate coconut cake is delicious as is, for a dairy treat feel free to substitute dairy ice cream...
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Tropical Fruit Cake Recipe

29th of July, 2010


Sometimes I take my playing with food a drop further than even I myself dare, tinkering endlessly, as with this fruit cake, picking my family and friends as willing victims as I subject them to constantly evolving batches and asking them to please forget they ever tasted something if it...
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