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Seared Duck Breast With Maple Citrus Sauce Recipe

27th of October, 2015

duck breast with pear

The best duck breast dinners I have ever enjoyed in my life were the ones we served at Levana Restaurant, alas closed now. Show of hands, dear loyal Levana Customers: Am I right about this? Our chef made unforgettable duck breast. When I wrote my first Cookbook, Levana’s Table: Kosher Cooking...
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Duck Tale: No Duck Parts Left Behind. Cooking and Recipe Tips

8th of February, 2015

A whole pot of duck soup, a delicious roast duck

All Duck parts are a great investment, not just the familiar duck parts used in classic dishes found on the menu of good restaurants, such as Duck a l’Orange, Duck Confit, seared Duck Breast. We rarely bother with duck and all duck parts, as duck seems to be the problem child of...
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Roast Turkey with Juniper Wine Gravy Recipe

17th of November, 2014


Hang around with me more often, I really have what it takes to make you not just tolerate turkey once a year, but LOVE turkey year-round. Need some supportive turkey therapy before you start? Start by reading this chapter on how to make the perfect turkey: Big Bird will become...
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No-Bake Tricolor Turkey Terrine Paté Variation

10th of February, 2014

cb11-31 - Copy

My Tricolor Turkey Terrine is a Gdsent, not only after Thanksgiving, but anytime you have leftover turkey, or chicken for that matter. The other day I was idling in front of my open freezer, looking at what goodies I might find, and came across a nice pan of leftover roast...
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