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Pasta with Wild Mushroom Sauce Recipe

7th of September, 2011

Soba Noodles with Swiss Chard and Shitaki Recipe

Guys, here’s what I do, and this is really all it takes. On second thought, let me start by telling you what NOT to do: Buy the insanely expensive deceptively and dishonestly called truffle oil, with not a solitary drop of truffle in it. Now, here’s what I do: I...
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The Dark Side of Labeling: Read Before You Shop!

15th of April, 2011


This bottle was part of a gorgeous Mishloach Manot/birthday present basket I received from my daughter Bella. Reading the ingredient list created an uproar among my guests. Intrigued, I looked online for the price, which created some more consternation….I am hoping this image and the blurb that came with it...
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