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Kale Salad with Mushroom “Bacon” and Miso Ginger Dressing Recipe

31st of December, 2015


Before you decide you have heard enough about kale salad, kale soup, kale everything, please try my new kale salad: It’s unbelievable, vibrant and colorful, and substantial enough to be a whole main course. All right, so what makes this kale salad so fantastic? – For one thing, it stars...
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Hot and Sour Soup Recipe. All Variations

8th of December, 2014


Photo via Meirpliskin Hot and Sour Soup is almost as easy to make as its first cousin, Miso Soup. This is where you watch those umami Asian seasonings do their magic in no time. Hot and sour soup has only the added initial step where you coat the chicken and stir-fry...
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Salmon with Miso Sauce Recipe. Other Fish Variations

5th of August, 2014

Miso Sauce makes this salmon dish quite luxurious and makes an instant thick and rich natural sauce, even as it is a snap to make. This salmon is ready in minutes! The Asian flavors work beautifully to make a perfect sauce, thanks to the miso, naturally and without any further steps than...
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My Version of Julia Child’s Vichyssoise Recipe

7th of June, 2012

Julia Child’s Vichyssoise Recipe

Please do not find me sacrilegious if I start off with an inspiration from Julia Child’s wonderful classic, Vichyssoise, and take it on some less-traveled road. Who knows, you might  even welcome my making the recipe so elastic!  If you are looking to watch your starch intake, simply substitute 2...
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Miso Soup with all the Fixins’ Recipe

13th of December, 2010

Miso Soup with All the Fixin's Recipe

Miso Soup Miso soup is a marvel: Quick is not even the word: By the time it comes to a boil, it’s done, a whole pot full of Miso Soup. It’s also an incredibly nutritious and versatile low calorie treat. I am giving you here a basic miso soup recipe,...
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Potato Portobello Soup Recipe

8th of December, 2010

tasty mushroom soup with champignons in white plate on the table

My Potato Portobello Soup is a sort of a new age Vichyssoise, delicious hot or chilled. I like to keep my soups meatless at all costs (unless of course the meat or poultry is the star, as in beef soup or chicken soup). So all my soups are vegetarian and...
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