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Kale Salad with Mushroom “Bacon” and Miso Ginger Dressing Recipe

31st of December, 2015


Before you decide you have heard enough about kale salad, kale soup, kale everything, please try my new kale salad: It’s unbelievable, vibrant and colorful, and substantial enough to be a whole main course. All right, so what makes this kale salad so fantastic? – For one thing, it stars...
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Salad as Main Course Recipes: Two of my Favorites.

30th of January, 2013

Salad as Main Course

For all of you always asking what fabulous treats I make my husband for dinner when we are alone, weekdays or shabbos, the answer is: Salad as Main Course. I do hope you are not disappointed, and do not feel sorry for him, especially because salad is his express wish....
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Steak Salad Recipe

30th of January, 2013


There are quite a few steak salad recipe out there you could play with (Asian, Latin, French etc), all delicious. The following Steak Salad is one of my favorite, a sort of take-off on Waldorf Salad, served as a main course. The robust Remoulade dressing is a great match for the...
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Salade Niçoise Recipe. Honoring Julia Child

30th of May, 2012

Salad Niçoise Recipe

In Honor of Julia Child JC100 Anniversary: Salade Niçoise Recipe Salade Niçoise is one of my all-time favorite salads, especially when made with fresh tuna. Frozen Fresh tuna Steaks will work beautifully too, at a fraction of the price and every bit as delicious. Will I sound like a dinosaur if...
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Blackened Chicken Breasts over Mixed Greens Recipe

9th of April, 2010

Healthy green salad with grilled chicken breast

This blackened chicken is ideally moist, so moist I only use chicken breasts for the whole dish, and end up with fork-tender blackened chicken. I beg you, no garlic powder. If for goodness only knows what reason, you don’t want to use fresh garlic, then don’t use any garlic at...
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