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Moroccan Salmon in Mustard Caper Lemon Sauce Recipe. Chicken Variation

Posted on 1st of March, 2014 by Lévana

Salmon Lemon Mustard Sauce

Photo courtesy One of my favorite ways of making salmon, so simple and so delicious. We Sephardis are very fond of the Mustard-Caper-Lemon Trinity. Here is just about all you need to know when you make salmon, beside of course that it has to be perfectly fresh, like all fish:...
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Artichokes and Carrots in Lemon Sauce Recipe

Posted on 4th of April, 2011 by Lévana


 Artichokes are a Sephardi favorite. In Morocco they are a staple, and I remember a variety I haven’t seen anywhere else: tiny, with pointed leaves as sharp as thorns, which we used to eat by the dozen at the end of a meal as dessert, much as the Japanese eat...
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