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Baked Almond Stuffed Salmon Recipe

19th of March, 2010


My stuffed salmon is not nearly as hard as the stuffing part might make it sound. Who knew almonds would make a wonderful stuffing for fish? We Sephardis always did: almonds are a staple for both sweet and savory dishes. And when they are paired as in this stuffed salmon with...
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Corn Chowder Recipe. All Variations

8th of February, 2010


A chowder almost always signals the presence of potatoes, and a hearty creamy-chunky texture. This corn chowder has an added appeal: a lovely pale yellow color. Make this soup only with fresh corn please, when it is tender and sweet. This corn chowder packs a great flavor punch, and needs...
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Tuna Burgers with Vidalia Onions and Chipotle Sauce Recipe

11th of January, 2010


Tuna Burgers with Vidalia Onions and Chipotle Sauce Tuna burgers are a most welcome and most delicious change from the more familiar beef burger. And topped with chipotle sauce (included), tuna burgers can reach great gourmet heights. I made these tuna burgers at last Monday’s demo, Fish Cookery, chipotle sauce and...
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