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Pecan Brownie Pie with Cranberries Recipe. Gluten-Free Friendly

9th of November, 2013

With Thanksgiving approaching, and fresh cranberries flooding produce stalls, I thought I would take cranberries in a different direction, not a relish or chutney or cranberry pie this time. I decided to dream up a chocolate dessert that would incorporate cranberries. A cake? A chocolate pie with cranberry coulis? a...
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Our Demo at Cheder Chabad Monsey: Menu and Recipes

2nd of August, 2013


At the lovely home of Chana and Chaim Grey Enjoy the pictures! Enjoy this Youtube trailer of our demo Thank you for sharing the story! So much fun presenting this Cooking Demo for such distinguished company: Thank you to the hosts Chana and Chaim Grey for opening their lovely...
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Beef in Chocolate Black Currant Sauce Recipe

2nd of May, 2012

Beef in Chocolate Black Currant Sauce

Image via Is this combo even safe, you might wonder? It is much better than safe: It’s wonderful!The chocolate, cassis (a Black Currant Liquor, available at all liquor stores: Couldn’t live without it!) and black or red currant jelly are quite a powerful team. I always find the way...
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All about Fruit Salad Recipes

7th of September, 2011

All about Fruit Salad Recipes

Minted Green Fruit Salad Please do not find me too finicky if I tell you I treat all salads, whether fruit or vegetable ones, just the same way I would a flower assortment. I always look for a short and sweet selection of colors and textures, never for an indistinguishable...
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