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Upcoming Cooking Demo in NYC: Monday October 31st: Secrets of Whole Grain Bread Baking. Served with Salad and Soup

24th of October, 2011

Too many of us simply don’t believe bread or challah can be as exciting if baked with whole grain flours, and often settle for mediocre bad-for-you white bread offerings. I have the modest hope of changing that in my circles of students and readers. As you all know, and as...
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Gluten-Free Bread and Challah Rolls Recipe

7th of September, 2011


Gluten-free Bread and Challah: Since there seems to be an inexhaustible demand for it, here’s my two cents. There’s no way commercial gluten-free bread offerings will hold a candle to your homemade gluten-free bread preparation, made with much more valuable ingredients than the  insipid and nutritionally worthless ingredients contained in...
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Zucchini Walnut Chocolate Chip Bread Recipe

18th of May, 2011

Zucchini Walnut Chocolate Chip Bread Recipe I love the idea of quickbreads, whipped up at the drop of a hat, ready for guests and us on short notice, no kneading and no rising time. The added bonus is that they are only moderately sweet, placing them in the category of...
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Zucchini Walnut Bread Recipe

9th of March, 2011


Zucchini Walnut Bread Recipe This and all other quick breads and muffins are a snap to make: Look out in my upcoming cookbook (due in June please G-D!) where you will find a major chapter on all hand mixed cakes, quick breads and muffins. You will love the pairing of...
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In Search of Chef Moshe Segev’s Bread’s Recipe

27th of January, 2011


During our recent trip to Israel, my husband and I were delighted with the quality and caliber of the food, that is, just as long as we stayed clear of all forgettable poultry and meat items. Which suited us just fine: All salads, fish dishes, desserts (even store-bought!), ice cream,...
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Muffin Recipes. All Variations Including Vegan

15th of December, 2010


Cranberry Muffins You say cup cakes, I say muffins! Gosh, I would hate to lose my popularity with the junior cup-cake crowd, but many years of catering kids’ parties and watching their delighted faces as their lick their fingers put my fears at rest. As if that was not enough,...
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Moroccan Fishballs in Lemon Sauce Recipe. Chicken and Beef Variations

25th of August, 2010

Moroccan Fishballs

These Fishballs are our Moroccan answer to Gefilte Fish, easy, fragrant, zippy and delicious. No problem making these fishballs substituting ground beef, turkey, bison or lamb, and proceeding exactly as instructed below. Ingredients: Cooking liquid: 2 tablespoons oil Good pinch saffron threads 1 teaspoon turmeric 3 cups water Fishballs  mixture: 1...
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Gluten-Free Pizza Recipe

2nd of August, 2010

Gluten-Free Pizza Recipe

The following recipe leaves you lots of room not only for the choice of flours, but also for the choice of toppings. No need to ever buy a commercial gluten-free flour mix, which you might not find in your neighborhood, and which will cost you much more . Rather, experiment...
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Panzanella Recipe

7th of July, 2010

Panzanella Recipe

The cute name Panzanella comes from the Italian word “pan”, which means bread. The ideal leftover dish, as it is made from 2-to-3-day-old bread. Gluten-free bread will work perfectly here. The bread cubes soak up all the flavors, so it will get better as it sits a few hours. The...
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Spelt Challah Recipe and Variations. No-Kneading Options

4th of March, 2010

Spelt Challah Recipe and Variations

It is no wonder the public often thinks there is no way to enjoy a delicious slice of spelt challah or bread, as it often comes brick-heavy in stores: Mine is light and delicious! It’s not so much in the recipe, no matter how good; it’s in the kneading! Spelt is...
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