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For my French Speaking Friends Only: Le Francais: Une Langue Animale

16th of October, 2012

Only: Le Francais: Une Langue Animale

To be sure, every language borrows from the animal kingdom to describe actions, feelings and character traits: shrewd as a weasle, foxy lady, stubborn as a mule, gay as a pinson, sing like a canary, the trojan horse, the black sheep, and so on. Dear French speaking friends, I think...
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New Children Book in Town! Anita and Juanito

6th of August, 2011


  Oh I know I’m too old to still read a children’s book, but when it’s so much fun, and I can enjoy it with a grandchild or two, I’m there! Especially when I get lucky enough to meet the author personally: Jackie Theibert: writer, cartoonist, animation genius, portraitist, and...
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