Levana Wholesome Spelt Desserts

Promise I don’t want to be coy here: After more than two years of incredibly hard work to get my line of Natural Spelt Desserts in place, it looks like it’s finally happening. They are called, what else, Levana. I made a dry run of the desserts a couple weeks ago, and served them at […]

The Seduction of Dashi

The Seduction of Dashi

This morning I received something which for years I used to perceive as a berating lecture,  but which I have long since identified as an unmitigated compliment, indeed a tribute: It has to do with being dogged, and never taking no for an answer. From one of the owners of Sushi Metsuyan, Daniel Berlin. His […]

Monday May 3rd: The Art of the Brunch: Mother’s Day

Surprise Mom (or that special lady in your life) with your new culinary skills. Show her how it’s done the simple, quick and nutritious way. I’ll bet you thought there was no way to make a delicious Hollandaise Sauce without all the usual kitchen’s culprits (eggs, butter, cream), so wait till you taste mine! Instead […]

Lévana on The Kosher Scene

Check out this terrific write up about my weekly cooking class demos (as well as some of my recipes) on The Kosher Scene!

Monday April 26th Cooking Demo: Seasonal Spring Bounty

Don’t miss next week’s special Seasonal Spring Bounty Cooking Class Demo at Lincoln Square Synagogue on Monday, April 26th.  Winter is over and wonderful vibrant food colors and fragrances are upon us in every food display: cheer up and enjoy them while they last! Another part many of you will love is, it’s all gluten-free! […]